Personalised Hat: How To Do Slipknot Chains

February 21, 2018

Personalised Hat: How To Do Slipknot Chains

Hello knitters,

Personalisation is a great way to make your hand-knit item even more special.  Our adorable Personalised Mini Hat Knitting Kit is one of our most popular kits for a reason.  A real keepsake item it makes the loveliest gift, either as a finished knit or knitting kit.

Below we've outlined a slipknot chain technique, which doesn't require any needles/hooks to create, that is part of our Personalised Mini Hat pattern.  Suitable for personalising most of our kits, you just need to channel your inner creative!

Beginner's guide - How to personalise with slipknot chains

Sketch Out Name

On a piece of paper, sketch out the name using our alphabet chart as a guide.

Download Alphabet Chart

Tip:  For an easier option, why not have the name in all capital case?  (Note: this requires making different sized slipknot chains)

Create Slipknot Chain

Step 1

Make a slipknot.

Step 2

Slipknot chains.

  • Use your thumb and index finger to hold the tail end (1) firmly.
  • Use your other 3 fingers to hold both (1) and (2).

  • Hold (1) and (2) firmly in your left hand so it doesn’t go loose.

  • Don't forget you may need to double back on some letters.

Tip:  If your loop ends up being super huge after each slipknot, just readjust by pulling (2).

Step 3


Pin & Sew

Use your initial sketch as a guide.


For more help check out our Tutorials.  Happy knitting!

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